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On March 21, 2013 Aja Sopanee Chandler (11) died in a tragic accident. Loving daughter of Joe and Sopha, and sister to Jude (9) and Vance (5), she will be missed by all.

This website is a memorial for us all to Remember Aja, honour her, and build awareness about the dangers of "The Choking Game" and self-asphyxiation.

Firstly, please speak with your family about this today. In addition to your emotional support, love and hugs, we are asking for donations. The money raised will be used for:

  1. Building awareness of the dangers of "The Choking Game" and self-asphyxiation
  2. Annual youth soccer scholarship

The entire town of Belle River and all surrounding communities are heart-broken and supporting one another as best we can. The family has decided that despite this being such a difficult time, it will help the healing process to have a fund in memory of Aja. Having a lasting memory and an ongoing community benefit may somehow bring a positive light to this tragedy.

Thank you for your heartfelt prayers and loving thoughts at such a difficult time. It is sincerely appreciated by the entire Chandler and Tan family, her team mates, friends and all of those who loved Aja.

Please take action and donate now to help make a difference ... and Remember Aja.